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 Sid Vicious Injures Teenage
 Jamie Dundee


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Jamie Dundee on Headliners 


 The Riot ( Ignore beginning)



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"The Main Event" of Collectible and Custom Wrestling Items

Pin Boredom to the mat with outstanding wrestling items such as clasic matches on DVD, autographed wrestling items by Jamie Dundee and other Pro Wrestlers!  Jamie Dundee is a professional wrestler and entrepeneur who runs an Idependent Wrestling and Wrestling Memorabilia Compnay. With Jamie's wide array of Classic Wrestling Matches on DVD and other items for sale, you will be able to crown your wrestling collection champion of all others. Items can even be sent via mail for Jamie to autograph and sent back! Contact Jamie today for more details on the wide selection of excellent wrestling items!

Autographed Memorabilia Available

Remember your favorite wrestler for many yeras to come with autographed wrestling items from Jamie Dundee. If you have a favorite wrestler you are seeking autographs from let us know and we can likely provide for most! Personally from Jamie Dundee is offered everything from Chairs, used Ring items, T-Shirts, Hubcaps, PG-13 Items and much much more! You can even mail your wrestling item to have signed by Jamie and other professional wrestlers of your choice!


Vintage Wrestling DVD's

Are you a fan of the wrestling style that ruled the 1970, 1980's amd the 1990's? If you are you have have a great spot! Purchase non-copyrighted wrestling matches on DVD of the wrestling Legends and greats! See what "old school" wrestling use to be like. You won't be disappointed with the amount of actopn packed footage filling the DVD's offered by Jamie Dundee! Each has the option of having the coverart signed for a small additional fee.

Jamies World

This section of Jamie's business involves posting free backstage footage of new wrestling events! You will get to see your favorite wrestlers inside and outside of the squared circle to get a clearer picture of the person behind the gimmick.....as if there is a difference with some!

Jamie Dundee's Wrestling School

Jamie Dundee offers a wrestling school. If you are an aspiring wrestler visit the Wrestling School Page for more details!





Jamie dundee Video Favorites





















Jamie Dundee Video Favorites













 Jamie vs Terry Golden

 Jamie Flops Quads online on Full Tilt Poker Real $ Tournament

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