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Jamie Dundee History:


Jamie Dundee
Ring name(s)

J.C. the Ice Baby
J.C. Ice
Jamie Dundee
Jamie "The Iceman" Dundee


Groups PG-13                              Nation of Domination
Born Jamie Cruickshanks in Sydney, Australia
Born June 17, 1971
Trained by Bill Dundee[1]


Wrestling Organizations Continental-USWA, ECW,WWE, WCW, Puerto Rico, EMLL(Mexico), Canada, POWW, KAW. XCW, SAW, currently SAW Tag Champs as PG-13, CCW Legends -currently Heavyweight Champion



In the United States Wrestling Association in the early 1990s, Dundee turned on his father and became J.C. Ice, a white rapper. Dundee formed a tag team known as PG-13 with Wolfie D and dominated the USWA tag team division throughout the mid-1990s, winning the USWA Tag Team Championship on fifteen occasions. After losing to Bill Dundee, PG-13 were obliged to leave the USWA. They returned shortly thereafter under masks as The Cyberpunks, with Dundee known as "Ice" and Wolfie D known as "Fire". After some time, The Cyberpunks unmasked and reverted to being PG-13.[2]

In 1995, PG-13 entered the World Wrestling Federation and feuded with the Smoking Gunns but were gone shortly thereafter. In 1997, they re-appeared with the World Wrestling Federation as members of the Nation of Domination. Along with Jim Johnston and Wolfie D., he helped create their theme song. The next year, PG-13 appeared with Extreme Championship Wrestling, where they became known for goading the audience and their opponents. They wrestled The Eliminators, Spike Dudley, and Mikey Whipwreck.

PG-13 appeared briefly for World Championship Wrestling in the early 2000s, where at times they teamed with Frog. They frequently had matches with the Jung Dragons and Three Count. Subsequently, PG-13 appeared with Memphis Wrestling. At one point, Dundee was nicknamed "The Convict" and had a gimmick that saw him handcuffed before and after his matches.

Independent circuit

Dundee has recently returned to the independent circuit, including wrestling for the NWA Main Event promotion in Tennessee. Dundee can also be seen at XCW Midwest in New Albany, Indiana. He won an eight-man tournament, held on December 11, 2007 to become the first XCW Midwest Heavyweight Champion. Other participants in the tournament were Claudio Castagnoli, Cody Hawk, Bull Pain, The Prophet, Mike Quackenbush, Chase Stevens and B.J. Whitmer. Dundee defeated Hawk, Quackenbush and Pain on his road to the title.[3]

In Wrestling:


Championships and accomplishments:


  • Kick-Ass Wrestling
    • KAW Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    • KAW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Wrestling International New Generations
    • W*ING Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Wolfie D
  • Xtreme Championship Wrestling Midwest
    • XCW Midwest Heavyweight Championship (1st ever)
    • 1997 WWF Slammy Award Nominee
  • SAW & CCW Legends
  • CCW Legends -currently Heavyweight Champion
  • SAW, currently SAW Tag Champs as PG-13